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Living the Dream


Buying a holiday home is an important decision.  Once you have made this decision it is equally important that, when you arrive after a long journey, you have time to enjoy it!  We understand that the last thing you want to do is walk in the front door to be greeted with that 'closed in' stale air smell as well as the dust and dead insects.  This is, of course, after you have battled your way through the overgrown jungle that was once a garden.


It does not have to be this way...   


We can ensure that when you arrive, your holiday home has been fully aired and cleaned, beds can be made and some basic rations (such as wine, water etc.) are bought in advance.  The jungle can be tamed so that all you do is turn up and start your holiday.  What could be better than that?


Peace of Mind


When you are away from your holiday home it is equally important that it does not become an unnecessary worry.  We can carry out regular Property Checks to ensure that all is as it should be: the house and grounds will be checked for forced entry as well as damage caused by adverse weather.  Inside we will check for burst pipes, electrical failure and any unwanted rodent visitors.


Property Checks are normally carried out on a monthly basis as well as additional visits after severe weather conditions: wind, cold or rain etc. Our details can also be left with your Mairie as a point of contact should they need to get hold of someone when you are out of the country. Added to this, we can also help should you need any translating until you are confident with your French language.


Gardening Segonzac

An extra pair of hands 


Sometimes we all need a little bit of help around the place.

We can offer an extra pair of hands whether it be in the home or the garden, on a regular basis or a one off service.

  • Competitive rates

  • Fully insured

  • Professional service

  • Very Reliable


Property Management

Starting with our FREE key holding service we can help manage your property during periods when you are unable to be there.

We are able to cater for all or any of your home management needs.  Where possible we would carry out any minor works ourselves but we can organise larger or specialist works if needed.

Specialist trades, project management, property access or deliveries (inc. heating fuel), we have it covered.

Property Management

Painting & Decorating

Painting and Decorating

We are able to offer selected painting and decorating works from within our experienced team.

Inside or out, large or small, contact us now...


With a pre-visit clean you never need to arrive to a house full of dead flies and spiders (or worse) again!

We offer pre-visit cleans, clean up after you or your guests have left (including the laundry) or carry out house cleans on a regular or ad-hoc basis.


Handyman Services

Handyman services

Getting all those annoying little jobs done is just where our resident handyman comes in (wait for it....) handy!

From putting up a shelf to assembling flatpack furniture, we can help tick off all the jobs on your list.

Property Checks

During periods when you cannot be at your beautiful second home we can carry out regular (or one off) property checks.

Either weekly, fortnightly or monthly, we can ensure any problems are discovered early and where possible resolved quickly. 

Property Checks
Property checks Charente Maritime

Storm Damage

As a fully registered and insured company we are approved by insurance companies to carry out certain repair works.

Previous insurance works following storm damage has included the replacement of fences blown down, clearing fallen trees, redecorating following a water leak and clearing a barn of water damaged items


Mowing and strimming

Grass Cutting

A regular grass cutting service not only ensures your garden remains healthy but also that it is ready for your arrival when the time comes.

One off or ad-hoc cuts are possible but availability may be limited.

Also consider that a well maintained garden does not look deserted and inviting to any unwanted intruders.

Hedge Cutting & Pruning

Most of us have much larger here in France than perhaps we are used to in the UK and many are bordered by tall and thick hedges.

We have all the tools, equipment, knowledge and experience to help keep these hedge, as well as any shrubs, under control.

If you have a hedge or any larger shrubs, you should plan to have them pruned at least once a year.

Hedge cutting and pruning
Garden Care

Garden Care

It is not just the big stuff that needs attention.

We have the time and experience to carry out your weeding, dead heading and fine tuning as well as treating plants for pests or disease.

General Maintenance

Outdoor maintenance is just as important as indoor work.

We can help clear gutters, install or replace fences, install raised beds or most other maintenance jobs for that matter

Garden maintenance
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