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Pool care Charente

Green Pool Rescue

Available to new clients because our existing clients simply will not need it...  Our pools do not go green!


If your pool water is green or cloudy we can perform a rescue to bring it back to how it should be.  Crystal Clear.

Sand Filter Change

The sand in your filter will require changing periodically (normally every 3  to 4 years).


Complete Pool Care


You need never worry about your pool again.  We can take full care of it from opening it up in spring, carrying out a full season of weekly care until we close it all up again for winter.


We will open your pool in spring making sure everything is correctly balanced ready for the season ahead.


A pool often needs more than just one visit per week.  It can need additional visits for extra tests and minor adjustments.  That is why we offer a service that is weekly rather than per visit or hourly.  If we need to return to adjust the chlorine, ph or just check if everything is correctly balanced, you will not have to pay any more fees.   


Then, at the end of the season, we will take care of the winter closure ensuring the very best start for the following season.


What's more we provide all the chemicals your pool will need and we will spread the cost across the season in equal monthly payments - what could be simpler?



Pool Care Charente Maritime

Spring Opening


This is the most important time of your pool’s year. Get this wrong and you will be wasting time and money all season.

We generally open our pools in April or May but it can be done in March if you are brave enough. We start with a full professional test of the water so we know exactly what condition it is in. This is the time to correctly balance the water and, if need be, change the water, because you do not want to do it in high summer whilst you are supposed to be swimming.

During this process we will


  • Remove your summer cover, fold it and store it

  • Remove any winter debris from the pool

  • Carry out a professional test of the water

  • Balance alkalinity and Ph

  • Add the salt or chlorine to the correct level

  • Clear the water 

  • Clean the pool

  • Only once it is complete do we revert to Weekly Pool Care



We ask you to choose during which month you want your pool opened but we cannot specify a date. If you are wanting to use your pool during May or are expecting guests, you should choose an April opening. An April opening will have your pool ready to use on 1 May, a May opening will have your pool ready to use on 1 June. 

Weekly Pool Care


Once your swimming pool has been opened you will need to have a weekly maintenance service in place and that is where our Weekly Pool Care service comes in. You should consider the following the very minimum your pool requires, especially if you rent out your property.


Each week we will


  • Clean your pool floor and walls either with a robot or manually using a brush and net

  • Brush the area of the liner between the water line and the coping stones

  • Check the water level and spend up to 1 hour topping up or emptying (as required)

  • Empty and clean the skimmer baskets

  • Clean the filtration system (sand, bag or cartridge)

  • Check the pump filter basket (empty and clean as required)

  • Check and adjust the pump timer in case of power outage

  • Seasonally adjust pump timer times

  • Test the water and make any adjustments needed


What’s also included


  • Any additional visits required, whether the same day or later in the week, to further adjust your ph or chlorine levels

  • All the standard chemicals required to facilitate the above

  • Periodic professional water testing to calibrate water

  • Priority callouts in the event of a problem

  • Check your Polaris and empty it’s bag (where applicable)


What’s not included


  • Time required to rectify any problems relating to water loss, especially if the water levels drops below the skimmer, which can have a knock on effect to the quality of the water

  • Time required to investigate any problems relating to the system. This may include leaks or malfunctions etc

  • Any deep cleaning of the area around and above the water line as a result of sun tan lotion staining


Winter Closure


After a full season of swimming in your crystal clear pool it is time to put it to bed for winter. 


Although this is not a complicated process it stills needs to be carried out properly. Unfortunately it is not the case of just throwing over the winter cover, flicking off the switch and waving goodbye to your pool until the following year.


During our Closure Service we will


  • Remove your summer cover and store it

  • Give your pool one final clean and adjust the chemical levels for winter

  • Apply the suitable amount of winterising product 

  • Lower the water levels

  • Drain your filter and pump

  • Place your winter cover on the pool


One Monthly Cost


There is nothing worse than fluctuating costs.  We add together the cost of the Spring Opening, Weekly Pool Care across the whole season, the Winter Closure plus the cost of ALL the chemicals for the entire season and spread this across the season making 7 or 8 equal payments.


As much as we would love to help everyone look after their pool unfortunately geographical restrictions do apply.



However if you are just outside the area shown on the map please contact us as we may still be able to help.

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