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Price Guide

Most jobs are priced individually because there are many factors that must be taken into account, especially where pools and gardens are concerned.  However some of our services are based on fixed fees and these are shown below.  

Remember, asking us for an estimate or devis (quote) is free and we are always more than happy to come to your property to discuss your exact requirements.

We use our own equipment in your garden unless otherwise agreed. 

We do not charge travel time so the prices shown are time on site.

Garden Fees


The cost of gardening depends upon your garden and your needs.

Size and accessibility come into play as well as whether or not you need a basic 'Grass and Gravel' service or Complete Garden Care.

Prices for general gardening start from €33 per person per hour with a minimum cost of 2 hours.

...from  €33 p/h

Stump Grinding Service

This service is available as a half day or full day service.

Half day - €245
Full day - €385

Decheterie Fees - Green Waste

Unfortunately as we are commercial we must pay to use the decheteries and so must pass this on to our clients.

Van or Trailer - €30
Van and Trailer - €50

Decheterie Fees - Other Waste

Mixed waste or 'Tout Venant' in France is much more expensive to take to the decheterie and it needs to be sorted into different containers which also make it time consuming.

The decheterie fee starts from €50 and time on site (TOS) is also charged for non green waste.

Exact fees will be determined by the guardian of the decheterie, not us.

Dechet fee from - €50
TOS (p/h) - €35

Rough Cut Mower

For times when your grass has got out of hand we have a specialist mower just for this occasion. 

Its a bit of a beast so there is a surcharge for this machine (per day or part day) in addition to labour costs - but its worth it!

Surcharge - €75

Ride on Mower

We also have a commercial grade ride-on/tractor mower available.

This machine is also subject to a surcharge that applies per day or part day. 

Surcharge - €50

Pool Fees

Complete Pool Care

There are many factors that determine our charges for Complete Pool Care and these range from pool size, whether it is a salt or chlorine pool, age, condition and accessibility.


Costs can only be given once we have seen your pool but remember a quote is free and there is no obligation. 


Pool Investigative Work

Whether we already look after your pool or not, any time spent investigating problems will be charged as follows.

Per hour - €40
Minimum Fee - €80

Property Management Fees

Property Check

We offer a service of one off or regular property checks.  We recommend all our clients have their properties checked at least once a month when empty and fortnightly in winter.

These checks are scheduled and carried out by the same person in order to spot changes or anomalies. 

Per visit - €39

House Cleaning

House cleaning is offered at an hourly rate per person.

Cleaning materials are included in this price unless a client has specific products they want used.

Per hour - €33

Handyman Services

Handyman services are charged at the following rate.

All materials used are excluded in this cost.

Per hour - €35
Minimum Fee - €70

Administrative Work

We are able to offer a limited amount of administrative work to our clients but sometimes, where it is a benefit to the client, we will refer you to a dedicated outside admin assistant.

Our fees for admin work are charged in 30 minute segments.

Per hour - €40

Third Party Arrangement Fee

This fee is applied whenever we are asked to liaise with a third party artisan, trade or company to make an appointment on the clients behalf.  

Examples of this might be to make an appointment for a chimney sweep, boiler service or a fuel delivery.  Please note that the third party's fees and any time on site will be charged in addition to this fee.  Administrative assistance fees do not apply where this fee is levied.

Per Trade - €40

Property Management TOS

Any time spent at a clients property that falls under this remit is charged at this rate.

Examples of this might be meeting a third party artisan or trade, meeting a utility company to read a meter or for them to work, allowing access to your property etc.

Per hour - €40
Minimum fee - €60

Purchase Handling Fee

This fee is levied whenever we are asked to purchase an item or pay for a service on behalf of a client.  This is to cover the costs of processing the purchase through our accounting system, invoicing on and waiting for reimbursement.  Purchases of heating fuel are charged at the reduced rate of 10%.

Surcharge - 15%


We are happy to shop for your items on your behalf.  We charge an hourly rate where we are shopping specifically for your items or a minimum fee if we are picking something up whilst out on our own errands.

Please note that if we are paying for your items then the Purchase Handling Fee will also apply.

Per Hour - €40
Minimum fee - €15

Receiving goods at our base

You are also welcome to have ordered items delivered to our base although always check with us first as there may not always be someone here.

Set fee - €15

Delivering goods to your property

Whether an item has been delivered to us or whether we have bought it on your behalf, this fee applies if we are delivering something to your property and making a specific journey. 

from... - €60

Waiting at your property for a delivery

For large, bulky items it may be easier to have it delivered directly to your property.

Per Hour - €40
Minimumm fee - €60

Pre-Rental Property Appraisal

See our Gite Services page for more information.

Set fee - €99

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