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Ground clearance charente & Charente maritime

Ground Clearance

or 'Jungle Busting' as we prefer to call it.  

No job is too daunting for our specialist team.

Brambles and Ivy

Unattended ground can very quickly be taken over by brambles and ivy and within just a few months an area can become inaccessible.

Home garden tools do not stand a chance against large areas of bramble but with our skilled team and professional tools we can knock them down in no time.

Jungle busting charente & Charente maritime
Ground clearance


Most vegetation can be cleared down to ground level, including bamboo, so that you have a fighting chance of regaining your land again.

Hard to access

Even hard-to-access places pose little problem for our team.  


In this photo ivy and brambles growing up onto a fence 2m above a river were still removed and completely cleared away.

Jungle busting
Ground clearance charente

Building Lines

Even when a neighbour's overgrowth impacts upon your home we can clear a narrow strip to protect your building.

In these photos, a narrow strip, less than a metre wide, was created to stop brambles, ivy and saplings from damaging the house.

This area was completely inaccessible to the client when they bought their new home.  They had no idea what lay beyond a 3m gap in the fence so they asked us to create a path through the bramble jungle at the end of their garden.  Et Voilà! we discovered nearly 500 square metres of extra land.

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