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GardenerCharente and Charente Maritime

In The Garden

Discover our garden care services for both residents and holiday home owners

Grass Cutting

A regular grass cutting service not only ensures your garden remains healthy but also that it is ready for your arrival when the time comes.

One off or ad-hoc cuts are possible but availability may be limited.

Also consider that a well maintained garden does not look deserted and inviting to any unwanted intruders.

Grass cuttingCharente and Charente Maritime
Hedge cuttingCharente and Charente Maritime

Hedge Cutting & Pruning

Most of us have much larger here in France than perhaps we are used to in the UK and many are bordered by tall and thick hedges.

We have all the tools, equipment, knowledge and experience to help keep these hedge, as well as any shrubs, under control.

If you have a hedge or any larger shrubs, you should plan to have them pruned at least once a year.

Garden Care

It is not just the big stuff that needs attention.

We have the time and experience to carry out your weeding, dead heading and fine tuning as well as treating plants for pests or disease.

Garden careCharente and Charente Maritime
Jungle bustingCharente and Charente Maritime

Jungle Busting

Sometimes brambles and ivy can takeover  parts of the garden and that is when we need to bring in the big guns.

Jungle busting and general ground clearance are a speciality of ours.

Stump Grinding

Fed up of mowing around those old tree stumps?  Are they ruining your lovely lawn?

No Problem, we can remove stumps to below ground level using our non-invasive grinder.

Stump grindng
Garden maintenanceCharente and Charente Maritime

General Maintenance

Outdoor maintenance is just as important as indoor work.

We can help clear gutters, install or replace fences, install raised beds or most other maintenance jobs for that matter

Jet Washing

Give those terraces and patios an all important new lease of life with a clean using our high pressure jet washer.

Nothing looks better than a really clean seating area and it only needs to be done once a year.

Patio cleaningCharente and Charente Maritime
Gutter clearing Charente

Gutters cleared using specialist equipment

Patio & Terrace jetting

Jet washing of terraces

gardening charente maritime

Removal of climbers from house facia

Jungle busting

Large areas of brambles and ivy removed

Raised veg beds

Bespoke raised veg bed made to order

handyman charente

Made to measure well cover

handyman Charente maritime

Fence panels erected

stump grinding

Stump Grinding

cherry picker hire

Cherry picker available for tall buildings

skip hire charente

Skip hire available for large volumes of debris

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