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Charente Assistance

From our base and head office in Courbillac, 16200 we cover the area in this map.  


If you are just outside this area please contact us as we may still be able to help.



Charente Assistance

Charente Assistance was started in 2015 by husband and wife team Richard and Nicki Waldeck offering a high quality and reliable service to clients wanting help with their home, garden or pool.  They quickly forged an unrivalled reputation for getting a job done to a high standard whilst keeping a constant line of communication with clients who were often in a different country.


During the first three years Richard and Nicki's client base grew until in mid 2018 it reached saturation point.  Even with the help of their eldest son, who had by this stage joined them, they were working 7 days a week and unable to take on any new clients.  


And so, in late 2018, the decision was taken to change the structure of the company and increase the team members thereby allowing many more clients to benefit from the services they offered.  This is France so the process of changing was long and full of paperwork but, eventually, in February 2019, the new look Charente Assistance was launched.  

Today, the objective remains the same as it was on the first day:


  • Offer a high quality service

  • Offer value for money

  • Be completely trustworthy (as often clients may not be present)

  • Always communicate with the client (as again they are often not present)

  • Be honest and say if we are unable to do a job (as we will never take on a job not within our skill set)

  • Only ever carry out work we are registered and insured to do  

  • ...and quite frankly, just be lovely!

There is a major difference between us and our competitors.  Most of our competitors, despite some very grandiose company names are husband and wife teams; others who claim to be national companies are actually franchises and fundamentally also just husband and wife teams; other are just random individuals who have joined together without any cohesion in order to make themselves seem big.

We are different...

We are a full team of hand picked, highly skilled and motivated people who work together.  We all start our day from the same place, we all wear the same uniform to every job and we are all responsible to one boss.  This means that we are able to take ownership of our work in a way that results in a great job - everytime. 


Charente Assistance

Richard and Nicki

Charente Assistance was founded and  is still  owned by Richard and Nicki Waldeck who moved to France in 2004.  They started the business in 2015 with a view to providing high quality, professional services for their clients in the Charente and Charente Maritime.  


Richard is experienced in pool and garden maintenance whilst Nicki brings plant knowledge and a fine eye for detail that ensures a high quality finish to any job.



James  (or JC to us) has joined us in Courbillac.  Originally from the US he moved to France in 2018 whereupon he settled in the Charente with his family.


JC is a bit of an all rounder with skills reaching beyond the garden, although this is where you are more likely to find him when representing us.



Mark arrived in France during 2017 before joining the Charente Assistance family in mid 2021.  

Like a few of our team Mark is multi skilled and can be found with either his pool guy, gardener or handyman hats on.

Charente Assistance


Sophie recently returned to France after some years away but always knew she would be back.


During her time away she has gained a wealth of experience in both horticulture and agriculture.



Mike joined our team in September 2022 and soon established himself as the main man for garden clearance and  hedge cutting.  His keen eye for detail also means he if often called upon to help with some of the more delicate gardens. 



Dave joined the team in early 2022 following his move to France in 2020.

Dave holds a regular slot within our gardening team but may also pop up in the pool team too.

Charente Assistance


Ben is another all rounder in the garden.  Having moved to France with his parents in 2019 he can now be found lurking around the gardens of the Charente & Charente Maritime assisting his colleagues here at Charente Assistance.



Anthony joined our team for the beginning of the 2023 season and works alongside JC at our properties that benefit from regular garden maintenance 

Black Rubber Wellies


Phil joined the team for the 2023 season and can be found in gardens throughout the region.



Steve joined our team for the beginning of the 2023 season taking on one of our pool technician roles.

Relaxing by the Water


Diane joined the team for the 2023 season and soon became a key member of the cleaning team.

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