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Charente Assistance
We are continuing to grow our business and we are always looking for some additional help

We currently have potential vacancies for the following positions:

  • Knowledgeable Gardener

Why work for us ?

At Charente Assistance we do things a little differently...  


All our team members are self employed (auto entrepreneur / micro entrepreneur) but they do not have to worry about being self employed or being in 'business'.

What are the advantages ?

We provide all our team members with

  • Company branded uniform

  • All the tools, equipment and materials for the jobs at hand

  • A company liveried van.

What's more we take care of 

  • All the advertising

  • Client liaison

  • Quotes​ - no lost 'free time' out quoting

  • Invoicing - no chasing payments

  • Credit control - no bad debts

Our team members have the benefit of just having to submit one invoice to us each month which gets paid within 10 days. 


What's more our team member get paid from the moment they arrive at the first client's property and continue to get paid until they leave the last client's property - so they are being paid even when travelling between jobs!

All our positions are flexible and part time meaning our team members can earn money whilst still enjoying the benefits of life in France.  Remember we all moved here for the same reason.

Work with us at the same time as keeping your own clients whether in the same line of work or something completely different.  Our flexible arrangement means you do not have to let go of another project you might be pursuing.

We might be the largest company of our kind in the region but we are still a relatively small family run business that puts our team and our clients' needs before profits.

Join our team and enjoy the benefits of life in France whilst earning money.

The following applies to all positions available

The adjacent map shows the area in which we work and where an applicant would be expected to work.

  • Ultimate size of role is flexible and will be tailored to suit applicant but ideally would be 1, 2 or 3 full or part days per week

  • A vehicle and all tools will be provided

  • Formal qualifications are not required

  • Applicant must have a clean, valid driving licence

  • The applicant would need to start and end their day at our base in Courbillac, 16200

  • All work will be within 40km of Courbillac

  • Applicant must be siret registered or be willing to obtain a siret number


Jobs Available

Recruitment Cognac


We are looking for experienced or knowledgeable gardeners to join our team.

  • This is an opportunity to join a growing team and to take a rewarding role maintaining gardens of various sizes.  

  • Work will involve some mowing, light pruning of shrubs and hand weeding

  • Applicant will be responsible for gardens and must have the ability to assess the work required and manage their time

  • Applicant will sometimes be required to work alone but will also be asked to assist with other members of the team when required

  • A reasonable knowledge of plants is required as applicant would need to be able to identify most common plants and shrubs - knowing when and how to prune/treat them.

  • Formal qualifications are not required

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