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Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Your gutters may not be the first thing you think about when maintaining your property because the only time you will know if they are blocked is when it is raining - and you generally do not stand around looking up at them at that moment.

However a blocked or even clogged or slow running gutter can be an expensive thing to overlook… Damage caused by inefficient running gutters and downpipes can be really problematic, not to mention expensive!

Roofs, gutters and downpipes are designed to quickly remove water, not retain it and this is why we have gutters on our buildings - to protect them. Trapped rainwater, as well as other detritus, provides a fertile growing environment for weeds and grass. The wooden timbers of your roof and stones walls will quickly decay if water is allowed to constantly soak them. Water filled gutters will splash up onto the wooden timbers causing them to rot and a heavy flow of water onto stone walls will wash out mortar and seep into your building causing damp issues. Rainwater can cause rising mould spores to form on internal walls, insulation, windows, and ceilings. In extreme cases, stone properties here in France that rarely have foundations can become compromised as trapped water – which should be making its way away from the building – starts to pool around the base of the building.

Keeping your gutters and down pipes free flowing, whether they are zinc, pressed steel box gutter, or plastic (PVC) types, is an essential part of property maintenance.

How do I know that my gutters are clogged?

Well, with obvious blockages, you will see tell-tale plant growth peeping over the top of your gutters and during showers, rainwater spilling over the gutter edges is a definite sign of an overhead issue. Other things to look for are a shimmer of water when the sun is out, leaking, sagging or a build-up of algae in any of the joints or around the side of the building. On stone building in particular dark staining on the walls can often denote a spot where overflowing occurs. Next time you are out and about, don’t just look down at your driveway, but make a point of looking up as well as down.

And those annoying moss crumbs that tumble onto the patio and driveway, they’re also dropping from the gutters…

Is it just my gutters?

No. Downpipes can also become blocked with leaf debris and this causes a build up along the gutter. The knock on effect is that more leaf debris, as well as debris brought in by birds or the wind then collect behind the blocked down pipe causing more issues.

How do I get my gutters cleaned?

The first thing you should do is leave the ladders in the garage and give us a call! Why risk your health or your life clambering up a ladder when you do not have to?

Gutter cleaning is the process of removing debris that builds up within the gutters and downpipes to ensure the free movement of water into the downpipe. Using a powerful wet and dry gutter cleaning vacuum from SkyVac we can harness the immense suction power and air flow to unclog gutters and downpipes. High reach carbon fibre suction hoses provide easy in gutter access, nearly always from the safety of the ground.

High access to gutters up to 12 metres (40 ft) high, and over obstacles such as verandas and garages is possible thanks to lightweight carbon fibre suction poles. The SkyVac gutter vacuum system has been engineered to cope with the rigours of gutter cleaning and can power through a property in quick time. No mess, as the debris is captured in the drum, and no ladder required.

How often should I get my gutters cleaned?

We typically recommend a gutter clearance at least once a year, but this very much depends on the property but most importantly, you should not need to wait until they are blocked to act. Prevention is better than cure so think about having your gutters cleaned rather than unblocked - and act sooner rather than later.

Any time of year is acceptable but autumn and late winter are both good times to think about having this work done to keep on top of those falling leaves, along with moss and twigs that are being washed down with the summer storms or autumnal showers. It also protects gutters through the winter season as standing water can freeze and thaw causing joints to split, cause plastic gutters to crack - all resulting in leaks.

However, if you have a property plagued with overhanging branches, aggressive wall climbing plants or a north facing roof with moss build up then regular check-ups are advisable.

Is it expensive?

Quite frankly, no! We provide a per metre price for gutter cleaning (€7.50 per metre) so you can work out the cost before we even get there. We will also check your downpipes for flow and unblock them if they need it (additional costs apply).

For more information check out our gutter cleaning page on our website at

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