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Charente Assistance

Covering the Charente &
Charente Maritime -

The Largest Company Providing Property Assistance In The Region


Here at Charente Assistance, we aim to provide a fully comprehensive range of services that will enable a homeowner, whether resident or second home, a 'one-stop-shop' for all their needs.

With the largest team in the region, we can cater for (nearly) all requirements and always with a polite, professional and reliable service.

We are different

We are not a franchise nor a group of randomly put-together individuals.

We are a team operating from one base with one person responsible for us. 
We all wear uniforms to work and arrive in a van with our company name on it.
We all follow the same ethos:  work hard, do a good job and provide our clients with good value for money.
You, the client, have one point of contact, one invoice and complete peace of mind.



Holiday Home Owners

Full peace of mind whist you are away from your beloved holiday home. 


From scheduled Property Checks to full home, garden or pool maintenance.

Living the Dream


Buying a holiday home is an important decision.  Once you have made this decision it is equally important that, when you arrive after a long journey, you have time to enjoy it!  We understand that the last thing you want to do is walk in the front door to be greeted with that 'closed in' stale air smell as well as the dust and dead insects.  This is, of course, after you have battled your way through the overgrown jungle that was once a garden.


It does not have to be this way...   


We can ensure that when you arrive, your holiday home has been fully aired and cleaned, beds can be made and some basic rations (such as wine, water etc.) are bought in advance.  The jungle can be tamed so that all you do is turn up and start your holiday.  What could be better than that?

Peace of Mind


When you are away from your holiday home it is equally important that it does not become an unnecessary worry.  We can carry out regular Property Checks to ensure that all is as it should be: the house and grounds will be checked for forced entry as well as damage caused by adverse weather.  Inside we will check for burst pipes, electrical failure and any unwanted rodent visitors.


Property Checks are normally carried out on a 4-weekly basis as well as additional visits after severe weather conditions: wind, cold or rain etc. Our details can also be left with your Mairie as a point of contact should they need to get hold of someone when you are out of the country. Added to this, we can also help should you need any translating until you are confident with your French language.

Holiday home Charente and Charente Maritime
Property care Charente and Charente Maritime


Even if you are lucky enough to live in France permanently you may sometimes need a helping hand.

An extra pair of hands 


Sometimes we all need a little bit of help around the place.

We can offer an extra pair of hands whether in the home or the garden, regularly or as a one-off service.

Competitive Rates

Fully Insured

Professional Service

Very Reliable

Why Us?

Husband & and wife teams dominate this type of work and that's great.  It's exactly how we started.


But Consider This...

What if they cannot work?  You might not be their priority & and your property might suffer.


With our ever-growing team, we will always have someone available for your work and your property.  Always!

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You guys and your team deserve an award. We employed you when your business was in its early stages and have seen it grow over the years. Covid struck but you managed to carry on within the regulations in place during that period. You expanded but you still gave that personal touch that we came to expect from you. It was a pleasure to have met you and I wish you the best for the future and would like to pass on my recommendation to any potential clients. You will not find a more professional and client orientated team than Charente Assistance. They covered gardening, pool maintenance and holiday changeovers.



Still not sure?  References available...

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